Big clothes amnesty for slimmers

BETWEEN them, these Ipswich slimmers have lost an incredible 35 stones.

BETWEEN them, these Ipswich slimmers have lost an incredible 35 stones.

Today they are looking forward to slipping into their slinky party outfits for Christmas but their super slimming has left them with a weighty problem - piles of old clothes which no longer fit.

Determined not to see them go to waste, their slimming club leader Berit Freeman has come up with the perfect solution in the form of a big clothes amnesty, which will see all of their unwanted clothes donated to the British Heart Foundation.

She said: “It's a win-win situation.

“Money will be raised for charity and also it feels liberating for members.”

As leader of numerous weight loss classes throughout east Suffolk, Ms Freeman is a familiar face to many.

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Since January this year, members from her meetings in Ipswich, Leiston, Aldeburgh. Woodbridge and Framlingham have lost a total of more than 1500 stones - the equivalent to a double-decker bus.

She said: “The Big Clothes Amnesty gives people a chance to reflect on how much weight they have actually lost and helps them to make sure they don't slip back in to their old ways over the Christmas period.

“A lot of people have lots of perfectly good clothes in their wardrobe which they don't wear because they are now falling around their ankles, so it's great that they can get rid of them and benefit someone else.”

Helen Taylor, 46, of Pearsons Way, Copdock, is a regular at Ms Freeman's Weight Watchers meetings in Chantry.

She said: “I have lost four stones since last September and gone from a so I have lots of old fat clothes which I no longer wear.

“I think this is a great idea because I'd always sort of half thought I should hang on to them in case I got big again.

“This means there's no going back and I know they will be helping to raise money for a good cause.”

Joan Last, 63, of Sheldrake Drive, said: “I've lost about three and a half stones in the last six months so I've got lots of clothes which I no longer wear.

“This is a great idea because it means you are helping yourself and helping others.”

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