Bitten dog recovers with re-tail therapy

A SPRINGER spaniel which was nearly killed after being bitten by a snake is today back to his sprightly self - thanks to a little re-tail therapy!

A SPRINGER spaniel which was nearly killed after being bitten by a snake is today back to his sprightly self - thanks to a little re-tail therapy!

Five-year-old pooch Bailey was left fighting for his life after an adder attacked him as he foraged in undergrowth in Ipswich's Chantry Park.

Now, a fortnight on, Bailey is making excellent progress - and to speed his recovery from the frightening ordeal, The Evening Star and Pets at Home have joined forces to provide him with a stack of get-well goodies.

Along with a mouth-watering bag of dog biscuits, he also received a comfy cushion to relax on, fun toys and tasty bones.

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Delighted owner Tanya Lusher, from Ipswich, said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to the manager of Pets At Home - we really appreciate it.

“I will have to keep a close eye on Bailey because if he had his way he would eat the whole lot straight away!

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“He thinks that all of his Christmases have come at once. He loves any kind of treat.”

Ms Lusher said the attack had scared both Bailey and her, adding: “I'm a lot more nervous about letting him out.

“I avoid that area of Chantry Park now.”

After park rangers saw the snake for themselves, a temporary fence was put up around the shrubland where the adder was hiding. The snake has now been rehoused in a safe location in Suffolk heathland.

Alice Lowe, manager of Pets At Home, said: “It was really shocking to hear what happened. You expect that sort of thing to happen in Australia but not here.

“We have put a notice about it on our notice board to warn dog walkers to be vigilant in that area. Our cashiers have also been telling our customers about it as they come to the cash desk.

“We are happy to give some gifts to Bailey. Anything to make him a bit happier is worth it.”

Ms Lusher added: “I would like to thank the manager for putting up the notice at Pets At Home when I asked them to warn other dog owners.

“I also want to thank the public for all of their good wishes and get well cards that they have sent Bailey.”

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The attack:

WHEN news of the snake attack emerged, wildlife experts were baffled as to how the reptile had found its way there.

John Baker from Suffolk Wildlife Trust said: “We are really surprised. We are intrigued as to how it got there.

“Parks are not the place to support their own population of adders.”

After the incident, Bailey's face became swollen.

The poorly pooch was in a critical condition but since returning home to recover, he has improved considerably.

Owner Ms Lusher said: “It was touch and go for a while but you would never think it now because he has made a remarkable recovery.”

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