Brave Bradley returns to school after crash horror

LIKE most boys of his age, 12-year-old Bradley Orton is today looking forward to beginning his second year of high school.

LIKE most boys of his age, 12-year-old Bradley Orton is today looking forward to beginning his second year of high school.

But Bradley's summer holiday was spent in agonisingly different circumstances to his Holywells classmates.

The brave youngster spent days surrounded by his family in a hospital bed after being seriously hurt in a collision with a car.

But Bradley made an astounding recovery, despite at one stage being in a critical condition at Addenbrooke's.

The young football fan was sedated for two days to speed his recovery, during which time his breathing was controlled by a specialist machine.

He suffered brain injuries as a result of the accident in Landseer Road on June 20 but incredibly escaped without any broken bones.

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For days after the collision medics carefully monitored the pressure on his brain and by mid July Bradley was deemed well enough to continue his recovery at home.

“I was in hospital for around 10 days and then off school for another couple of weeks so I only went back classes for half a day before the summer holiday,” said Bradley, who lives with his mum Jackie, her partner Patrick and brothers, Darcy and Brandon, in Morland Road,.

“I can't wait to get back because I've been bored for the last 12 weeks and I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends who sent me about a million cards in hospital.”

The accident happened near Wynterton Close, near the Gainsborough Labour and Social Club.

Bradley's mum reached the scene of the crash to see paramedics already treating her injured son after eldest son Brandon took a call that every parent dreads. But the 39-year-old is happy to see him returning to school able to resume friendships and continue working towards a bright future.

Mrs Orton said: “He has done really well and he's really excited to be going back to school.

“He has one more appointment at Addenbrooke's in December but Ipswich Hospital said he has improved so much that he doesn't need to be seen again.

“He had two weeks of physio but that has finished now.”

Doctors expect Bradley to lead a completely normal life although he is not yet allowed to play competitive contact sport.

His brain injuries initially affected the movement in his right arm and leg but other than slight difficulty moving his arm Bradley has made a full recovery.

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