An Ipswich business owner raced into action when he received a call from Peter Andre to put the perfect finish on his son's birthday present.

The Mysterious Girl singer celebrated his eldest son Junior’s birthday this week by buying him an Audi, which has been transformed by Ipswich Alloy Wheels & Smart Repair Centre in 24 hours.

Owner Mark Beadsworth, 48, answered a call for help from the singer on Friday afternoon.

“I met Pete through his brother, Michael,” explained Mark.

“Michael used to DJ at my nightclub. We’ve known each other for about 15 years.

“Pete called me and asked if I could help to style an Audi he had bought Junior for his 17th birthday."

Mark agreed, and he and his team member, Ross Littlewood, worked flat out to get the car finished, as they only had 24 hours.

“We re-styled it, that’s to say, we made it that it will stand out from all the other Audis.”

After its makeover, the car’s wheels had changed from silver to black, and its brake calipers were a striking, luminous green. Window tints were added, and the car was debadged to remove the Audi emblem.

On Sunday, Mark set off for Peter Andre’s house.

“I met him for the first time about three years ago,” explained Mark. “I had tea at his house after he needed some work doing to his Bentley.

“His family were there, his wife, Emily, Junior, Princess and his younger children. There was an agent there, too, as they were filming something.

“He is honestly the friendliest, most loving, genuine person. They all are – they're one of the nicest families you could hope to meet.”

Mark arrived early on Sunday morning while Junior was still asleep, and spent some time getting the car clean.

“When I’d finished, I asked him, would you like me to leave now? It’s quite personal, giving your son his birthday present.

“But Pete said, no, you need to stay and see Junior’s face – and he asked me to film it for them.”

The singer said on Instagram he had been so scared he wasn't going to have everything ready and thanked the team for getting the wheels how Junior would like them in "record time".

Junior was gobsmacked with his present, with Pete playing the teenager’s first single ‘Slide,’ which was released today, over the car’s Bluetooth.

“He loved it, he couldn’t believe it, and Pete was saying, Junior, Beanie did the wheels,” said Mark, Beanie being his nickname.

“Junior gave me an expensive bottle of whisky to say thank you."