An Ipswich tattoo parlour has completed a bold challenge - a team of five artists tattooing the same man at the same time.

The team at Monumental Ink, in Duke Street, set themselves the challenge as part of their reality TV show on YouTube.

Taking a break on the second day of the marathon session, owner and founder Aaron Clarke, who set up the studio around 10 years ago, said everything had gone really well - which was a relief for both him and client Marcus Bullman.

He added: "When you do something that's bold it's a risk, isn't it? People have been watching in, we were all fearing failing, so many things could have gone wrong.

"But I genuinely feel like it's a piece of art.

"We've worked so well together as a team, I think it's been so good for us as team-building.

"All the different styles are in there but it works. It's really thought out.

"It's something extra special, we're all really pleased.

"It's been so fun. I think we'll do some more of these, maybe, at conventions and stuff."

The artists that worked on the design alongside Aaron were apprentices Alice Noble and Jazmine Lambert, junior artist Ben Hepton and Colchester-based realism artist Shell Moreno.

Normally, for a tattoo of this size and detail, artists would factor in at least ten sessions, but the team at Monumental worked for just under two days to finish.

And the work was done in front of one of the glass windows at the studio, to allow people passing by to have a look at what was happening.

Mr Bullman said "it's not been easy" but that he's pleased with the piece, which covered up a previous tattoo along his spine.

Mr Clarke continued: "Our strapline is 'changing perceptions' and I think the way we do everything here is all open.

"It's everything, in my opinion, that tattooing is not perceived to be.

"We're like the pop music of tattooing. For me it's like: everyone can play. It's artwork."