An Ipswich-based sustainable packaging company has created the world's first paper wine bottle.

Frugalpac, in Crane Boulevard, near Ravenswood, is behind the first of its kind wine bottle, which it has created for When in Rome.

The Anglo-Italian wine brand is the first UK trademark to have a national listing for the paper bottle, which sits alongside their existing sustainable range of alternatives such as bag-in-box, which is an equivalent of three bottles and canned wines.

Paper bottles have about six times smaller impact on the climate than a single-use glass bottle.

Malcolm Waugh, CEO of Frugalpac said: “We’re thrilled that When in Rome has chosen to join the paper bottle revolution. They’ve pioneered the use of alternative wine formats with bag-in-box and cans and we’re sure our Frugal Bottle will be a huge success for them."

Ipswich Star: When in Rome, wines in paper bottlesWhen in Rome, wines in paper bottles (Image: Frugalpac)

When in Rome’s best sellers, the Pecorino IGP Terre di Chieti, the Primitivo IGP Puglia and highly rated Rosato will be among the wines available in the paper bottle format.

Rob Malin, founder of When in Rome, said: “Our paper bottles are made from 94% recycled paper and have a carbon footprint 84% lower than a single-use glass bottle."

The lighter and more recyclable packaging makes the smaller impact on our planet.

Mr Malin said that the brand’s new products are “just the start of our commitment towards radical transparency on the climate impact of our business activities.”

“With the launch of our new paper bottle, we feel we’re really making our mark on the industry, particularly when it comes to encouraging others to follow in our footsteps towards a more sustainable future.”

There is a well-known stereotype that alternative format wines can have lower quality than drinks in glass bottles.

Frugalpac’s aim is to revolutionise the market and at the same time save our planet from carbon footprint.

Wine in a paper bottle cannot be put in the cellar for years, but customers can choose the eco-friendly option if they plan to drink the wine within six months.

The When in Rome paper bottles will be stocked by Ocado, with customers able to add the wine to their baskets from May.