A former lorry driver has opened a food truck serving homemade burgers by the side of the A12.

Located between Ipswich and Woodbridge Marcos Smokeshed serves passers-by a range of freshly prepared 'dirty' burgers and roasted meats, as well as pulled pork and brisket.

Marcus Livermore came up with the idea for the food truck after he spent years on the road eating "sub-standard" lay-by food.

Mr Livermore said: “I’d been a lorry driver for 20 years but due to health problems I've had to hang up my keys.

"When my grandad passed away last year I inherited enough money to start this new and exciting venture.

“I opened for trading on January 5, and could not be happier with how the business is shaping up so far.

“I’ve spent many years perfecting my smoked foods and dirty burgers, testing out recipes and seasonings at home and on friends and family.

"It’s what I know and love, so it’s amazing to now be able to serve the public directly.

“Lorry drivers don’t have the best options to eat on the road — normally it consists of cheap burgers and sausages.

"It’s fantastic to be able to serve up a roadside menu that really stands out and gives drivers and passers-by something delicious and memorable to talk about.”

Mr Livermore can be found in a lay-by on the northbound carriageway of the A12. He is hoping to evolve his menu to include more BBQ food in the future.