The replica Noah’s Ark at Ipswich waterfront has opened its doors to business events in the hope of raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ipswich Star: The Extinction Rebellion banner placed on Noah's Ark in Ipswich Picture: EXTINCTION REBELLIONThe Extinction Rebellion banner placed on Noah's Ark in Ipswich Picture: EXTINCTION REBELLION (Image: Archant)

The floating museum has already hosted one event earlier this month and will again be inviting local businessmen and women to learn how to expand their ventures while obeying to the UN goals (SDGs).

The goals, which are often mistaken for simply having an environmental focus, also aim to improve on health and wellbeing, gender equality and the access to quality education among others.

Organised by Suffolk-based sustainability expert Tom Bryant and Helen Oldfield, the event on January 20 will also be open to those wanting to learn more about sustainability and give visitors the opportunity to tour around the museum.

Ms Oldfield said: "We are running these seminars because we want to start more conversations about what sustainability really means to all kinds of small businesses.

"We'll be showing how bold action can be taken and communicated effectively with minimal resources, and plan to reference and showcase examples of excellent practice from East Anglian businesses.

"I feel excited about helping to bring this event to Ipswich in such a unique location and in collaboration with Tom, a widely acknowledged global expert in sustainability and business transformation."

The ark has previously highlighted environmental issues after demonstrators from Extinction Rebellion boarded the vessel last year, unveiling a banner on its top deck.

Its owner, Aad Peters, said the visit from the environmentalists was one of his favourite moments in Ipswich - praising the town's open minds and attitude towards an ever-changing world.

Mr Bryant added: "My professional opinion is that those businesses without a sustainability strategy seriously risk being out of business within five years.

"The growing environmental awareness that we have as consumers and employees demands that sustainability practice is in place at work."

Tickets for the event are priced at £25 and are available here.