Ipswich businesswoman Jo Salter, won’t be caught up in the Black Friday hype - she says we should `shop ethical instead’.

Ipswich Star: Jo Salter and Lucy Kerry with the new African cotton fabric Picture: LUCY CROSBIEJo Salter and Lucy Kerry with the new African cotton fabric Picture: LUCY CROSBIE (Image: Archant)

Black Friday, imported from the USA, is a chance for shops and on-line retailers to encourage us to shop early for Christmas, with the promise of bargains.

However Jo, who runs the ethical clothing brand, Where Does It Come From? is not being taken in.

Jo, has posted a blog on her website and says we buy too much, and it often ends up discarded and in landfill.

She said: “There’s a growing movement to take control back into the hands of customers who want to buy items that are doing good – it’s called ethical consumerism. Hashtag shopEthicalinstead

“Shopping ethically can mean different things to each of us – local, vegan, fairtrade, organic etc. – but basically it means that you shop according to your personal values instead of the price tag. It means that you are the one make the decisions about what to buy, not being led into making purchasing choices that would make you uncomfortable if you allowed yourself to think about it.”

Her business Where Does It Come from was launched in 2014 and sells handmade clothes and accessories, all fully traceable, from India.

Now, in production is a second line from Africa, including tunics handmade in Malawi with fabric from organic, rain-fed cotton grown Uganda.

The African project was crowdfunded, and only raised 26% of its initial target.

Mrs Salter said: “It was enough for us to start production.

“For this first production the cotton is from Uganda, it is being spun in Germany and then made and tailored in a fair trade workshop in Malawi.

“The fabric is lovely and soft. There are three different designs.

“In the long term we want to get all the production to be in Africa.

“We are taking small steps but we are making progress. People have been pre-ordering scarves and tunics.

“We have also had requests from people who want to buy our fabric to make their own clothes here.”

The original ranges of adults and children’s clothes and other items, from India, were already being ordered for Christmas, she said.

“We are also making some change in the New Year, offering other ethical brands on our website.

“For Christmas we have a couple of children’s books, by UK authors, for our ant lover and turtle lover gift sets.”