Zoo's 'sad goodbye' after death of popular tiger Igor

Amur Tiger, Igor, at Colchester Zoo.

Amur Tiger Igor at Colchester Zoo. - Credit: Colchester Zoo

A zoo has said a "sad goodbye" to popular 16-year-old Amur Tiger Igor, who captured the hearts of visitors and staff alike.

In a statement released after Igor's death, Colchester Zoo said: "We will miss [him] dearly and [he] has left big pawprints on our hearts.

"Igor’s personality traits live on in his cubs, which is a comfort knowing his legacy lives on in these beautiful cats."

Igor arrived at the zoo when he was one in November 2006, arriving from Vienna Zoo after his birth in June 2005.

A tumour was found by the zoo recently and when biopsy was completed, it was found Igor needed surgery on Wednesday. 

"Unfortunately, during the procedure it became clear that this was an inoperable tumour and therefore the difficult decision was taken to put Igor to sleep," a spokesman for Colchester Zoo said. 

Igor left behind his best friend and mate Taiga and three cubs Mischa, Pasha and Tatana.

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The zoo will continue to closely monitor its other tigers, especially Anoushka, as they adjust to life without Igor. 

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