Businessman invests in larger premises for juicing business

Lawrence Farrow of The Juice Works

Lawrence Farrow of The Juice Works - Credit: Archant

The JuiceWorks moves across the Waterfront

Lawrence Farrow of The Juice Works

Lawrence Farrow of The Juice Works - Credit: Archant

Ipswich businessman Lawrence Farrow became a big fan of fresh juices - and making them - three years ago.

After a period of illness, he turned to drinking fresh juices as a means of losing weight.

Not only was he successful in improving his health, he found he really liked the fresh juices he made.

That’s when he had his great business idea.

So he turned it into a business, initially from his own kitchen, making juice drinks to his own recipes - with 100% fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Juices and juicing have become very popular, as part of a growing interest by many people in health and fitness.

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“The majority of people are interested in it for the health benefits,” he said, “it is health related rather than weight loss. I am much healthier.

“So I know it works.

“It has been an incredible three years.

“I started the business about two years ago.

“We started in Ipswich and it has grown beyond to Woodbridge and other places.

“I have some going to Cambridge this afternoon and we can supply all over the UK.”

“They are natural juices and more greens than fruit juices; with things like lemons and ginger added to flavour.”

The business has grown and expanded and Lawrence has recently moved over Stoke Bridge and fitted out a business unit in the Gower Street industrial area.

“It is a big investment. It is a lot more space and I have a Five Star certified kitchen, and a reception area for customers, which is good.

“There is customer parking which is also very good.”

When I visited we started the interview with a ginger shot, “it is like a natural expresso,” he said, No alcohol, of course, and simply made from ginger and apple.

“It is a real pick-me-up,” he added.

All the juices are made fresh, he said, and then frozen.

Once delivered, and unfrozen, they have to be consumed within the day. “There are no articifial preservatives or additives in them.”

Lawrence’s own favourite juice, and also a popular seller, is the The Purple Mega Mix; carrot, beetroot, apple, spinach, lemon and ginger.

“It is one of my originals and still very popular, but I am always trying out new recipes.”

Others include Super Green, Green Goddess, Green Ginger Ale and Tropical Green Lemonad - that last one is made of pineapple, cucumber, apple, spinach and lemon.

It use to be said that we need to be eating, or drinking, five fruits for vegetables a day.

Now the health authorities reckon we should be upping that to higher levels, for a healthy diet.

So fresh juices made from raw fruit, vegetables and other natural ingredients such as herbs and ginger, could be just the thing.

Lawrence’s ingredients include carrots, kale and celery, beetreet and broccolie, organges, apples, lime and lemon.

I tried a Green Ginger Ale for breakfast, along with my cereal, and it was delicious.

The ingredients were: apple, celery, cucumber, lime and ginger.

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