Sweet treats for Chantry Library users as baker opens second site

Zoe Hayman-Cox expanded her bakery business to the bowls club pavilion in Chantry Park recently

Zoe Hayman-Cox has partnered with Chantry Library's cafe - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

A new partnership between Chantry Library and Sweet William's Bakery is bringing sweet treats to readers. 

The café has been open in the library since spring, but the partnership with the much-loved Chantry-based baker is newly-announced.

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Chantry Library is working with Sweet William's Bakery - Credit: Suffolk Libraries

Zoe Hayman-Cox, who runs Sweet William's at the pavilion in Chantry Park, teased her social media followers with "an interesting meeting" on November 4, before announcing the partnership the next day. 

James Powell, spokesman for Suffolk Libraries, said: "We are very pleased to be working with Sweet William’s Bakery who will soon be providing our café service at Chantry Library.

"We are initially looking for volunteers to help run the café when it opens on Monday November 22.

"If successful, the aim is to recruit new staff to run the cafe in the future. The café will be serving hot and cold drinks and a range of homemade cakes and snacks all provided by Zoe, who runs Sweet William’s Bakery.

"There has been a café at the library since May but we’ve recently been looking for a new provider to help us run it.

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"Chantry Library is at the heart of its local community providing a range of services and activities for people of all ages. There aren’t many cafés in the area so it’s great to be able to provide yet another service for local people to enjoy when they’re visiting the library."

To express an interest in volunteering, contact Chantry Library or check out Suffolk Libraries volunteering opportunities online.