First plaice for Ipswich fish and chip shop at prestigious awards

Ozzie Bozdag, owner of CodFellas in Chantry

Ozzie Bozdag, owner of CodFellas in Chantry - Credit: Danielle Booden

An Ipswich fish and chip shop owner has praised the Chantry community after receiving a prestigious award for his food.

Ozzie Bozdag and his team at CodFellas have been named the fish and chip shop of the year for Suffolk at the London and South East Prestige Awards – adding another certificate to their impressive honours board.

zzie Bozdag, owener of CodFellas FIsh & Chips on Greenfinch Avenue in Ipswich, making some of the fo

Customers have praised the fish and chip shop for its high quality food - Credit: Danielle Booden

The shop was nominated for the award by its customers in recognition of its food and customer service, while regulars at the Greenfinch Avenue takeaway have also praised the team for their community values. 

Mr Bozdag, who used to run a fish and chip shop in the Gainsborough area of Ipswich and in Clacton-on-Sea, said: "I am so happy to have won the award, this is a really big thing for our shop.

"I think the thing that makes us stand out compared to other fish and chip shops is our quality.

"I only use premium products and I'm really proud of the food I serve in my shop. I send a lot of fish and potatoes back to suppliers because they don't meet my high standards – I only sell the best."

Ozzie Bozdag, owener of CodFellas FIsh & Chips on Greenfinch Avenue in Ipswich which has been given

Mr Bozdag and his team have also won several other awards for their food and service - Credit: Danielle Booden

Other awards the shop has won include a gold seal from the 2021 Good Food Awards – the third year running the shop has been given the honour.

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Mr Bozdag is also in the process of setting up a charity with local Chantry community man Dan Drake, aimed at supporting disadvantaged families and community projects.

He said: "Charity has always been a big thing for me. I love our local community.

"I realised that the charities we support through our charity pots aren't receiving 100% of the moneys raised, so I want to ensure my customers' money is going directly to those in need.

"We want to help disadvantaged families, community projects and other local organisations with any money we raise."

CodFellas on Greenfinch Avenue in ipswich which has received a London & South East Prestige Award. P

CodFellas in Greenfinch Avenue - Credit: Danielle Booden

The shop will be celebrating its fourth anniversary next week, with mayor of Ipswich Liz Hughes set to attend alongside local MP Tom Hunt. 

Mr Bozdag added he is looking forward to seeing customers join in the celebrations. 

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