Coffee with environmental and ethical credentials

Green Cup coffee at Isaacs on the Quay, Jeff Barnacle, sales director, and Haylee Cahill

Green Cup coffee at Isaacs on the Quay, Jeff Barnacle, sales director, and Haylee Cahill - Credit: Archant

Isaace is going green with coffee

Food waste in this country is said to cost millions of pounds every year.

Now the coffee house at Isaacs on the Quay, at the Waterfront, is improving it green credentials.

So that means its customers too.

Now, if you order an Americano or Cappuccino at Isaacs it will come from Green Cup Coffee.

Jeff Barnacle, of suppliers Green Cup Coffee, said: “We take ownership of our coffee at every stage of its journey, from planting to picking, roasting and shipping and drinking to upcycling.

“Which means we’re able to uphold a consistency of quality that could otherwise be threatened.

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“It’s about being pernickety and accountable for every part of a coffee bean’s journey.”

Their slogan is “coffee that is big on taste - and better for the planet.”

Jeff said all their coffee comes from Fair Trade sources.

“We are environmentally aware and ethically responsible.”

Unlike other coffee companies, he said, they were responsible for coffee for its whole journey.

That included “up-cycling”, coffee grounds waste after the beverages had been made.

He said: “There are some 30,000 tonnes of coffee waste produced every month in the UK. We are trying to do something about that.

“Otherwise it might be burned or go into landfill. We are the only people doing something about it.

“We have discovered that coffee grounds can be used for loads of useful stuff including composting, fire logs, furniture and even making more coffee machines.

“We supply our customers with Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans, but only if they give them back once they have used them.”

The waste coffee was used along with other material to make very good plant compost, he said, and furniture such as table tops and panels for coffee machines.

Upcycling used coffee was also good for the planet, he said.