Growing success in the digital world

Ipwwich businessman Adam Cable

Ipwwich businessman Adam Cable - Credit: Archant

Growing business that began in a spare room

Ipwwich businessman Adam Cable

Ipwwich businessman Adam Cable - Credit: Archant

Many a successful business was originally launched in a bit of spare space at home - perhaps the garage or maybe a bedroom.

As they grew some need more space - for employees, to meet customers and perhaps vehicles.

Larger premises, recruitment and more space followed as business developed.

Some major companies have developed this way.

But Adam Cable’s start-up remains small and perfectly formed - and he still runs it from his Ipswich home.

The businessman is the man behind - the well-known price comparison website.

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It is now Ofcom accredited.

The hub of Adam’s empire is the spare bedroom of his East Ipswich home, where he lives with wife Sarah and their new son Charlie.

In fact he doesn’t even have an office chair - he prefers to stand to work at his laptop.

“I am so tall, I prefer it,” he said.

His business is in operation, 24 hours a day, seven dats a week - that is the beauty of the digital trading world.

“It is working permanently,” he said.

“I can work any time of the day or night.

“You don’t need big offices or premises, you just need your laptop and an internet connection really.”

There is so much phone choice out there now, that Adam has a new one on every week; “I write reviews for the website,” he explained.

When I called in on him he had one of the new smartwatches on his wrist.

The LG G Watch R is a mobile device that can do many of the things a smart phone can do for you.

“It has maps, heart rate monitor, and you can download apps - and it tells the time,” he said.

Andrew took his A-levels at Thurleston High School, Ipswich where he was also heavily into his music.

“I really enjoyed my time at the school,” he said.

After school, while some of his friends went off to university to continue their studies, he took another route.

“I joined BT as a modern apprentice. They took me through a degree, in computing, in my spare time. It was a different route to my friends, I left school at 18 - 13 years ago. I spent eight years with BT and then I got myself in to London, where I stayed for five years.

“I worked with Martin Lewis on

“I was also developming my own business ideas. From April last year I did this full time.”

His website originally grew from his university dissertation project.

“We have tens of thousands of people visit the website every month. It has been increasing over the past couple of years.

“Now we have the Ofcom accreditation, which is important. There are only a couple of websites that have that. They check you out thoroughly to make sure all the deals are authentic and transparent.

“Peope can buy through the website.”

“I enjoy working from home,” she said, “It is great for Charlie having both his parents at home all the time. It helps.

“If we we are up with Charlie at four in the morning, I can log in and do some work.”

Adam also developes other business ideas website, for himself and others.

One of the latest ideas is inspired by Adam and wife Sarah becoming new parents - - it’s a price comparison site for nappies.