Waterfront bar abandons plastic glasses

Nathanial Coughlan and general manage Alex Trunovs with the new safety glasses at Isaacs, which has

Nathanial Coughlan and general manage Alex Trunovs with the new safety glasses at Isaacs, which has switched from polycarbonate drinking glasses. - Credit: Archant

A pub in Ipswich has responded to concerns over plastic by reverting to the use of glass for serving drinks.

Isaacs On The Quay adopted polycarbonate glasses in 2009 for safety reasons, although some of the venue’s customers have always complained about the switch.

Now, following recent publicity about the impact of plastics on the environment, particularly the sea, Isaacs has introduced new glasses, made of special safety glass.

Many businesses are looking at reducing their use of plastics, after problems for wildlife were highlighted by the Blue Planet television series.

The busy Waterfront venue introduced plastic drinking glasses because of the danger of glasses being dropped or knocked over, and people getting cut.

Nathaniel Coughlan, of Isaacs, said: “We were concerned about the dangers that broken glass presented to us. Introducing plastic polycarbonate we felt was the most appropriate option at the time.

“But since then special safety glass has been developed, which shatters and is easy to clear up.”

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Alex Trunovs, who has just arrived as the new general manager at Isaacs, added: “We have introduced the new glasses for a few days and the feedback from customers is good.”

Some beer drinkers have always preferred beer to be served in real glasses.

The new glasses are the Ultimate Stronger and Safer Arcoroc glasses (pint and half pint).

We went out into one of the courtyards to conduct our own safety test.

Alex pushed a safety glass off an outside table; it fell a few feet to the paving stones - and shattered - leaving just small chunks of glass to be swept up.

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