Ipswich: Business at the forefront in combating crime

Chris Bushby (Vice President Suffolk Chamber), Dean Knight (Specials Deputy Chief Officer), Douglas

Chris Bushby (Vice President Suffolk Chamber), Dean Knight (Specials Deputy Chief Officer), Douglas Paxton (Chief Constable Suffolk Constabulary), Tim Passmore (Police and Crime Commissioner) speakers at the Suffolk Chamber Networking Lunch held at the Belstead Brook Hotel in Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

A thriviing local economy is vital to crime and police plan

Members of the business community from across Suffolk have heard from the two people leading crime fighting in the county that ‘economic success is vital to their plans’.

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce heard from police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore and chief constable Douglas Paxton at a special event at the Belstead Brook Hotel.

“There is no doubt that a thriving and vibrant Suffolk economy is fundamental to my Police and Crime Plan,” Tim Passmore told over 80 guests from the business community.

“The importance of our Quarterly Business Liaison Meetings with business representatives and the Annual Business Forum where support was recorded for better partnership-working between police and businesses shows we are working together for the good of everyone across Suffolk.”

Commissioner Passmore and Chief Constable Paxton went on to explain their plans for rural crime, a major concern for many small firms across Suffolk.

“We recognize the importance of greater visibility and being linked into other counties and their operations and that is why we are prioritising that area of our work,” commissioner Passmore continued.

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“We also know the great value of people and technology which is why we have a dedicated rural crime officer working as part of our partnership programme with the business community.”

The presentation went onto hear about further plans to address cyber crime, fraud and the challenges of funding in the year ahead for the Police and associated services.

“There is no doubt that business will be encouraged that the most senior members fighting crime in Suffolk recognize the importance and influence of the business community,” said Dr Peter Funnell, president of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. “The economic environment remains a challenging one. Our members are working very hard and they need the security in 2014 and beyond that the police and its associated services are prioritizing them and the business community.”

The meeting went onto hear that cyber crime has seen a significant growth with an increased emphasis on protecting the vulnerable and a regional response to serious and organised crime. Business has a key role in raising awareness of threats and having plans to respond.

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