Ipswich Chamber: What we want in the Budget

Karen Finch, audiologist and tinnitus lay counsellor at the Hearing Care Centre in Ipswich

Karen Finch, audiologist and tinnitus lay counsellor at the Hearing Care Centre in Ipswich - Credit: Contributed

Ipswich Chamber of Commerce asked three key businesses from Ipswich what they think businesses need from the Budget 2013 which will be delivered by the Chancellor on Wednesday March 20, 2013.

“The SME sector accounts for 49% of UK plc’s turnover. If the economy is to recover then companies like Integrity are going to be the engine room of that recovery. Government needs to encourage SMEs. I would like to see the budget incentivise local authorities to award contracts to local companies. East Anglian money should be spent with East Anglian companies, feeding the local economy.”

Peter Foy of Integrity Managed Services

“A combination of the lack of growth in the economy and the recent Moody’s downgrading would tend to suggest that the Chancellor’s plan has not to date delivered the results which he suggested at the outset. I would like to see a budget which shows that the Chancellor is adopting a stronger emphasis on nurturing growth and confidence in businesses, consumers and lenders.”

Ian Waine of Prettys Solicitors

“The Chancellor’s Budget has to be truly radical. He has one last chance for growth and needs to be bolder and better than before. Being a retailer here in the centre of the shopping district of Ipswich, I urge Mr Osborne to sort the business rates issue out and stop the High Street shops closing in front of our very own eyes.”

Karen Finch of The Hearing Care Centre

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