Ipswich: Opt for local legal advice if you are injured in an accident

Richard Foyster of Ashton KCJ

Richard Foyster of Ashton KCJ - Credit: Archant

Legally Speaking with Ashton KCJ

Injured in an accident in 2014? Then opt for local advice.

Many people are injured in road or workplace incidents every year. Everyone’s circumstances and injuries are slightly different and so their compensation claims need to be assessed individually to ensure they get the help they deserve.

Richard Foyster, a personal injury specialist at Ipswich firm Ashton KCJ Solicitors, gives five reasons why he believes that ‘going local’ is generally a claimant’s best option.

He said: “1 A lawyer who sees you face-to-face is likely to gain a better understanding of the real impact of your injuries on your life than someone who is many miles away. This is particularly true in the case of serious injuries. It will help to ensure that you obtain all the compensation, and rehabilitation or treatment, to which you are entitled.

“2 Local solicitors will work hard to do a good job for you because they value their reputation and often rely on word of mouth recommendations as they can’t justify paying for the television advertising favoured by national organisations to reach their potential clients.

“3 Local lawyers are likely to have links with physiotherapists and rehabilitation providers in your local area and they may be familiar with the roads on which your accident occurred and perhaps even have handled claims for other people injured in the same place. All these small factors may enable them to get you the help you need more rapidly.

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“4 Contrary to some of the myths out there, it will usually not cost you any more to use a local solicitor than to use your insurer’s lawyer and you don’t have to use your insurer’s lawyer if you prefer to ‘go local’. Solicitors should always explain funding options to you right at the beginning but variations on ‘no win, no fee’ are still widely available.

“5 At Ashton KCJ, we regularly receive enquiries from local individuals who come to us for a second opinion on personal injury claims because they feel that the amount they have been offered by their insurer’s lawyer is not a fair reflection of what they have lost. In many cases we agree and have been able to obtain a better settlement.

“If you would like to talk to one of our team to find out how we might be able to help with your injury claim please contact us on 0800 587 0093.”

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