Louise launches her family photography business

Louise Fenner Photography

Louise Fenner Photography - Credit: Archant

Hold-it, flash bang, wallop - what a picture

Louise Fenner Photography

Louise Fenner Photography - Credit: Archant

Busy mum Louise Fenner struggled to find a job that fitted in with her role caring for 18 month-old daughter Ella.

Her answer to the problem, which faces many young mums, is to launch her own business.

Louise, who lives in Ipswich, has always been a keen photographer so now she has launched a children’s and family photography service.

She said: “I got my photography degree a couple a years ago from Suffolk University (UCS).

Louise Fenner Photography

Louise Fenner Photography - Credit: Archant

“And I was working at Jessops when it originally closed down... the same week I found out I was pregnant.

“I had my little girl’s christening, and we didn’t have any decent photographs.

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“I thought other parents must feel the same, about all the special times in their childrens’ lives, so there had to be a place for family photographs.

“Photography doesn’t need to be out of reach of families.

Louise Fenner Photography

Louise Fenner Photography - Credit: Archant

“I take lots of photographs of Ella of course, and for family and friends.

“I have seven nieces and nephews and there are lots of things that happen in a family.

“We also have a dog.

“It is amazing how many people call their pets their babies as well.

“I started a Facebook page and I got a lot of support from people to build up my portfolio.

“I am specialising in families, children and events.

“My partner, Rob Fox, has been incredibly supportive. I am really grateful.

“I love to work with the kids, and sometimes Ella can come along too. I really enjoy it.

“She already quite a little poser already and she can play with the other children.

“As a mum too it is nice to get out of the house, Even if I am running a few minutes late, with Ella, people always understand.

“Digital photograph gives you so much more flexibility, whether you are doing a wedding or a family party.

“Back in 2005 if I did a wedding I did ten rolles of 36 (images).

“Hopefully a couple of thousand photos at a wedding is enough.

“I like to take the informal, off-the-cuff photos. I did my first wedding, this time, in November.

“They are great events when the whole family gets together.”


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