Medpac wins Best Product Award in Primary Teacher Awards

Jayne Tarrant receives her award for Medpac from Karen Faux, editor of Practical Pre-School magazine

Jayne Tarrant receives her award for Medpac from Karen Faux, editor of Practical Pre-School magazine - Credit: Archant

Suffolk mum’s success with award-winning medical product

the award-winning Medpac

the award-winning Medpac - Credit: Archant

The bright business idea of a Suffolk mum has been rewarded.

Jayne Tarrant’s Medpac won the Best Product Award in the Primary Teacher Awards

Medpac is an innovative range of products launched by the Suffolk mum in March 2012 which has now been fully recognised by winning the Best Product Award in the Primary Teacher Resource category.

After rigorous testing by an independent panel that included teachers, parents, and children Medpac was marked against criteria which included durability, adaptability and value for money to name just a few, and scored an impressive 100%

Tester comments included:

“Brilliant, love these. Excellent for storing children’s medicines separately both at school and childcare settings”

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“The bright orange colour makes them stand out so that they look different from first-aid kits and can be seen easily”

“The sizes are perfect to carry around when you are out and they are excellent value for money”

Business owner Jayne Tarrant from Occold was delighted with the award.

Jayne, who works from Needham Market, said: “I am really pleased. It has taken three-and-a-half years and a lot of hard work to get here.”

Mother-of-two Jayne runs Medpac alongside another, different business.

“Medpac is growing,” she said,

“I have distributors in Australia, USA and Europe.

“Parents and schools buy them as a resource for school, storing childrens’ medicines is a huge responsibility for schools.

“A lot of older people are using them to take their medicines on holiday and things like that. It started in schools and and within education.

She designed and launched Medpac after discovering a need for such a product when her daughter Jessica was diagnosed with a condition that required her to carry emergency medicine with her at all times.

Jessica is at school in Ipswich.

Not able to find a product to fulfil the need, Jayne set about designing and sourcing a product that would work in many situations.

Medpacs are practical bags which have been specially designed for storing and carrying medicines safely and securely and come complete with a Photo ID Card for easy identification in any situation, and a Treatment Card to write all essential information required to quickly administer the medicine and potentially save lives.

Starting at £7.99 each (inc VAT) Medpacs are specially designed for storing and carrying most medications including asthma inhalers and spacers, Epipen and Jext adrenaline pens, Diabetic and Epilepsy medicine and more…


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