'I was in tears' - Anguish after late mum's ring lost while being repaired

Judith Mansfield and her mother

Judith Mansfield has been left devastated after a ring belonging to her mother, Anne Carty, who passed away last year, was lost. - Credit: Judith Mansfield

A daughter has been left "absolutely devastated" after learning her late mother's ring was lost after being sent for repair.  

Judith Mansfield was unable to see her mother Anne Carty before she died in March 2021 and said that the ring "meant the world" to her.

She dropped the ring off to F.Hinds Jewellery in Ipswich informing them of the hugely important value of the ring and was told that it would be well looked after. 

After being told the ring would not be returned until after Christmas, she made several calls to the store on February 2 to check where it was.

The same day she receive a call while out shopping that confirmed the worst, the ring had been lost. 

A spokesman for the shop said losses were very rare and apologised that Mrs Mansfield was not happy with the way the resolution was carried out.

Mrs Mansfield, who has lived in Suffolk for 36 years, said: "Everything stood still, I was absolutely devastated. I broke down in tears.

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"I couldn't sleep, I was in tears, it was a family heirloom."

A F.Hinds spokesman said: "We know that Mrs Mansfield was very upset, and we were extremely disappointed that her item went astray on the way back to us."

The Ipswich resident was offered by the company a replacement and was able to find something similar in Berridges Jewellers and took photos and a valuation back to F.Hinds.

This information was passed to F.Hinds customer service team, who Mrs Mansfield said "didn't seem to care" about the importance of the ring, sending back a "cold" email, which left Mrs Mansfield with a total of £450 as well as the offer of a replica ring.

A F.Hind spokesman said the Ipswich store was initially handling Mrs Mansfield's concerns and a sum in recompense was offered based on the information provided. 

The spokesman added: "She accepted this offer and we understood that she was satisfied with what we had been able to do for her.

"While unfortunate occurrences beyond our control will happen from time to time, we try to ensure that we always provide the best possible service to all of our customers."

Judith Mansfield and her mother

Originally from Northern Ireland, Judith was unable to see her mother before she passed away, aged 87 in March 2021. - Credit: Judith Mansfield

Mrs Mansfield added: "The lady I dealt with originally was very sympathetic but as soon as it boiled down to money it became very cold. 

"It was never about the money. It's about the fact they lost something that's irreplaceable.

"They didn't care that my mum was gone, that it was something that meant so much. 

"It was her ring and she loved it, they just don't seem to care. I don't want a replica, I want my mums ring."  

Mrs Mansfield has said that the whole ordeal has caused great distress to her and her family, who will be heading back to Ireland on Mother's Day for a memorial service for her mother, which she hoped to be able to take the ring to.

Mrs Mansfield said: "That's going to be a very tough day.

"I'm distraught, I feel as if part of me is missing. I'm angry, I feel as if they've just stamped all over the memory of my mum.

"I feel as if I've let my mum down. That's how they made me feel.

"I don't want the money, I just want my mum's ring, but I'm never going to see it again.  It's a piece of my mum I'm never going to get back again. 

"It's taken a long time to deal with that in my head. That ring meant the world to me and it's gone now, it's very hard."