Weeks since Freedom Day - are people wearing face coverings?

Cases of Covid are "increasing rapidly" in Huntingdonshire and people are being urged to exercise restraint.

Many people will continue to wear facemasks even though the restrictions have been lifted. - Credit: ARCHANT

In the weeks since 'Freedom Day' the wearing of face masks in public places is still just as topical in Suffolk - but are people continuing to wear them?

The relaxation of measures on July 19 to allow choice when it comes to Covid restrictions in shops, cafes and restaurants, however, many seem to be opting for enhanced measures like wearing a mask.

Paul Clement, chief executive of Ipswich Central

Paul Clement, chief executive of Ipswich Central - Credit: Ipswich Central

On Monday, Ipswich Central chief executive Paul Clement said the "majority" of shoppers are using them as most businesses still require them for entry for those that are not exempt. 

Mr Clement said: "They're used by the majority of retailers in the town centre, who still require customers to wear them. 

"There are still some [Covid] measures in place required."

The Drumming Shop in Woodbridge Road, outside the centre of the town, also still requires face coverings. 

Owner Webby Web said: "People are absolutely happy to do so."

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But he has "noticed" that fewer people are using them in the centre when he thinks they should be. 

Cathy Frost, owner of Loveone, reopened her store this week Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Cathy Frost, owner of LoveOne, - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Cathy Frost, the owner of LoveOne, said she is leaving it up to the public to "use common sense" in her "well-ventilated" shop in St Peter's Street.

She added that a month ago, just after restrictions were lifted 95% were still wearing a face covering but now that figure has shrunk to around 70%.

"I do not ask people to wear a mask on entry," she added. "Use your common sense and what you feel is right for you."

Christy Hendry owner of Little Beans Coffee House. Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Christy Hendry owner of Little Beans Coffee House - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Christy Hendry owner of Little Beans Coffee House, says her customers ask before they come into her coffee shop in Foxhall Road. 

She said: "I've still got hand sanitiser and my screen up."

Outside of Ipswich, Hollingsworths Store and Butchers, in Church Road, Chelmondiston has opted to ask customers to continue wearing face coverings.

Owner James Welham said its to allow them to get more people in their store while continuing to allow people to be 1m+ if they feel they need it.

Mr Welham said: "Majority of people are wearing, to be honest. 

"If people continue to wear them then we are able to let more through."

He added as a butchers they had strict hygiene rules before their pandemic, so that will not change. 

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