Mini entrepreneur, 9, hopes to be a millionaire by 30

9-year-old Noah Last holding his wooden Christmas tree with a decorated tree in the background

Noah Last makes and sells wooden Christmas trees - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

A boy from Trimley St Martin with multiple business ventures says he wants to become a millionaire by 30.   

Noah Last already has three ventures: he makes and sells wooden Christmas trees, he has created a book swap shop and he sells the family's chicken eggs – all by the age of nine.   

And his Christmas tree business is already making a profit with last year seeing him buy himself toys. 

But during Christmas time, Noah likes to give back to charity with a larger tree to be raffled off for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Last year the mini entrepreneur managed to raise £100 for the charity, which matches people with visual impairments with assistance dogs, and this Christmas Noah hopes to do it all again. 

Noah holding a wooden Christmas tree with colourful lights

Noah will be auctioning off a bigger Christmas tree to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Mum, Michelle who sells Noah's trees through her own business, Crafty Lasty Yarn, explained where it all began. 

She said: “He helps his dad do a lot of jobs and he just picks things up really quickly. He made a little wooden dog out of bits of scrap wood when he was about 3-years-old and it just stemmed from there. 

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“He made the Christmas trees last year and some people were letting him down and were not collecting them when they’d ordered them.

"He had a big one left over so he decided to raffle it off to raise some money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.” 

Michelle added that Noah has always been business savvy, balancing school with his other ventures. 

“He’s older beyond his years in terms of his skills and we try to encourage that. He’s quite an independent child.    

Noah Last and his mum in their home standing next to a wooden Christmas tree with lights

Noah has had a passion for woodwork ever since he was three - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

“We have chickens here and he looks after them and sells the eggs out front of the house – he has a little stall. He also has a book swap stall out there as well where friends can come along and swap books.” 

But the young businessman doesn’t want to stop there and has big plans for the future. 

Noah said: “I want to have a million pounds by the time I’m 30.” 

Michelle added: “It makes us really proud that we’ve set him on the right path for life. He wants to stop school so he can start work straight away but I said ‘you can’t, you’re only nine.’” 

To order your own wooden Christmas tree or enter the raffle visit the Crafty Lasty Yarn Facebook page

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