'Upper scale restaurant' could move into Zizzi site

New and refitted for 2013 in Ipswich

An application to sell alcohol and play music at a new restaurant has been submitted to Ipswich Council's licensing department - Credit: Lucy taylor

Plans for an "upper-scale restaurant" to replace Zizzi in Ipswich is in the works. 

A licensing application has been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council for the former restaurant in St Nicholas Street. 

Zizzi was listed for sale in August 2020, having shut due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and now K-2 JBL Development Ltd have begun the process of opening a new restaurant at the site. 

Charlene Manton, from Ipswich Borough Council's licensing department, confirmed that an application had been received for a premises licence.  

She added: "The proprietor intends to run the establishment as an upper scale restaurant and the sale of alcohol." 

The proposed licensable activities include playing recorded music and supplying alcohol on the premises seven days a week. 

Live music is proposed from 10am until the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and through the afternoon until 10pm on Sunday. 

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Permission for late night refreshment has been requested from Wednesday to Saturday.