Hospital ward to benefit from business's crochet project

Crochet kit

Crochet kit - Credit: Sharon Jennings

A craft businesswoman who turned her hobby into a business is hoping to support the hospital department that has cared for her grandson. 

Sharon Jennings, of Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium, in Ipswich, takes on projects every year for charity as she enjoys helping others through her hobby.

Her latest initiative is to sell crochet blankets and donate collected money to the children’s department at Ipswich Hospital.

So far, Ms Jennings has raised nearly £330.

Crochet blanket

Crochet blanket - Credit: Sharon Jennings

Ms Jennings said: “My family have more than enough blankets so I needed to find a new outlet for my much-loved hobby. I thought I would make blankets and then sell them for charity.” 

“I chose the children’s department because of my grandson who has to go to the hospital now and again for his conditions, so it is nice to put something back.”   

Last year, Ms Jennings made Love hearts and breast cancer cushions that went to the hospital in Bury St Edmunds. 

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Ms Jennings turned her hobby into a business and runs an online shop and also teaches crafting at home.

She added: “I just love crafting as well teaching others how to do it. I enjoy it so much, and to give someone else that pleasure of being able to create something is amazing. Crocheting, for example, is a lifelong craft, once you’ve learned, you can just grow with it.” 

Needle felting bees

Needle felting bees - Credit: Sharon Jennings

The owner of Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium offers classes for people who would like to start their journey with crafting or improve their skills. 

Ms Jennings emphasised that the main goal of her classes is to let the participants enjoy themselves. 

“The aim of all the crafts is to be stress-free, relaxing and enjoyable. It is an adult time out to recharge your batteries. It’s very therapeutic.” 

Her workshops include: crocheting, needle felting, making seed bombs, decoupage and a lot more. 

Garlands made during Ms Jennings classes

Garlands made during Ms Jennings classes - Credit: Sharon Jennings

Everybody, regardless of their level of advancement, is welcomed to join the classes. 

Ms Jennings said: “Most people by the end of their first class can actually crochet or do other crafts. I do have people coming back to learn new things, so it is like an ongoing thing where people can learn new stuff on every workshop.” 

For people who cannot attend her classes, Ms Jennings prepared ready kits available in her online shop, Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium. 

Ms Jennings' crafting studio

Ms Jennings' crafting studio - Credit: Sharon Jennings