Call for more patrols to tackle rise in dog mess across Ipswich

Dog mess bagged up and stacked on an overflowing bin on the Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground.

Dog mess bagged up and stacked on an overflowing bin on the Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground.

Ipswich park users want to see more signs, bins and patrols to control the amount of dog mess in the town’s green spaces.

The Ipswich Star launched a campaign yesterday encouraging readers to report lazy dog owners after new figures revealed a significant increase in complaints about fouling in streets, parks and playgrounds since 2010.

Caroline Sturgeon, who was walking her dog at Castle Hill recreation ground yesterday, said people let their dogs foul in the high grass in the park. “It does bother me when my dog goes in there and you walk right on top of it,” she said.

More signs warning residents that they will be fined for letting their dogs foul could solve the problem, she added.

Margaret Gardiner, who was at the recreation ground with her two grandchildren, said there was “more than enough” facilities for dog owners. However, said added: “People are just lazy and they don’t care about other people, especially the children.”

Ms Gardiner said there was more of a problem at Bourne Park in south west Ipswich.

“It’s terrifying going round there,” she said. “I have had so many arguments, people just do not care.

“More patrols would help but that’s not likely to happen with all the cutbacks.”

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Dog walker Colin Martin said there was an issue in the streets around Castle Hill, rather than the green space.

“It bothers me if my dogs sees it and it goes and smells and stands in it,” he said. Mr Martin said there “definitely” was not enough bins in the area and that more enforcement was needed, adding: “People are just being lazy.”

Another park user, who did not want to be named, said there needed to be more bins not just in the park, but also along the streets.

One dog walker at Dumbarton Road recreation ground, who did not want to be named said: “There’s no need for people to do it, it’s awful.

“I often see it laying around, it’s not right really, it’s horrible for children and it’s dangerous. People are just being lazy – you can get the bags cheap enough and they’re not exactly heavy. How long does it take to pick it up? Only a minute.”

According to figures reported by the Star yesterday a total of 516 reports of dog mess were received by Ipswich Borough Council between 2010 and 2015, with only five fixed penalty notices handed out.

A borough council spokeswoman said they encouraged residents to report incidents online of over the phone with as much information as possible, including the name and address (if known) of the person in charge of the dog, a description of the dog and details of the date, time and place of the offence.

To report an incident visit or call 01473 433115.

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