Can you guess what year these old pictures of Ipswich were taken?

This quiz is bound to take you down memory lane – see how well you do at identifying what year these pictures of popular Ipswich spots were taken.

Ipswich’s appearance has changed a great deal in the last few years.

So we dug out the photo albums and reminisced over how Ipswich used to look.

From Littlewoods to Woolworths, you would be lying if you said you did not miss having a browse in these shops.

Do you remember when the Regent was called Gaumont? What a blast from the past!

The pictures in this quiz range from as early as 1963 and continue through to the 1990s, but which picture was taken when?

Share this with your friends and see who can guess the most years correctly!

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Comment your scores below to find out how well everyone else did.

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