Superheroes land at Trinity Park Ipswich for Capcon event

Young superheroes

Youngsters at Capcon came dressed as their favourite superheroes (and supervillain!). - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The world of superheroes and fantasy touched down on the edge of Ipswich at the weekend with the Capcon event for fans of everything from the Superheroes and sci-fi to Harry Potter at Trinity Park.


There were several Spidermen at Capcon. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Many of the visitors to the event dressed up as their favourite superheroes  - there were several Spidermen, possibly straight out of the Spider-verse, as well as visits from Batgirl and members of the Avengers team.

Batgirl at Capcon

Batgirl made an appearance at the Capcon event. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Children had the chance to see inside Newt Scamander's magical case from the "Fantastic Beasts" films and also to try their hand on a Star Wars chaser.

Magical case

Children found their way into the case from the Magical Beasts films. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The Batmobile from the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton era was on show - and there was also a visit from a DeLorean as seen in the Back to the Future films.

Female Loki

Loki's female alter-ego made an appearance at Capcon. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The two-day event was part of a major Family Fun event at Trinity Park over the weekend with many of the events taking place outside in the bright sunlight.

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