Capel St Mary: Lucky escape for passengers

Four people are today recovering from minor injuries after the car they were travelling in left the road and became wedged between a bus stop and a post box.

Ambulance and police were called to The Street, in Capel St Mary at about 1.30pm yesterday after the silver Vauxhall Astra collided with the bus stop.

The crash demolished the railings alongside the bus stop but, miraculously, all four passengers escaped without serious injury.

Paramedics treated one patient who was complaining of pain in their shoulder, as well as checking over the other three occupants but all were treated at the scene and did not need to go to hospital.

Terry Bramer, who lives nearby, saw the people being treated by ambulance staff.

He said: “When I went past The Street I saw about six police cars.

“Earlier on I had let a few police cars past me – I suspect they were going to the crash.”

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Police said they were unsure of how the car ended up in the position it was in and said they would investigate the matter.

Kathy Pollard, a councillor who lives in the area, was told about the crash by her husband. She said: “My husband saw the car being taken away.

“The visibility is fine either way – there is a nasty turn further up but it’s not an area you would expect it to happen in. I think to be honest you need to investigate how the accident happened.

“It seems like a fluke but if there are any lessons to be learnt then I’m sure it is something the parish council will look into.”

The driver was breathalysed at the scene and gave a negative reading.

A police spokesman said they will investigate whether there was a technical problem with the car.