Car crush is charity winner

IT MIGHT not be within the road rules but this certainly looks like a lot of fun!

Naomi Cassidy

IT MIGHT not be within the road rules but this certainly looks like a lot of fun!

Members of the Kesgrave Music Festival committee decided to see how many of them could squeeze into a compact car and amazingly they managed an impressive 13.

Fortunately none of them suffered claustrophobia as they crammed into the boot, crawled into the back, and pressed against the windscreen of the Suzuki Swift all in the name of charity.

The event, at John Banks garage in Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, was designed to raise awareness of the Kesgrave Music Festival, which takes place on Saturday, August 9, in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice and in memory of Kate Moyes, who lived in Kesgrave, and passed away in August 2005 after a spell in the hospice.

Last year they tried the same with a beach hut and managed to cram 35 people in though ended up breaking the floor.

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Debbie McCalum, festival co-ordinator and landlady of the Bell in Kesgrave, said: “It was a lot of fun. The car did creek a few times but we kept just getting more in. It was like the tardis.

“With that many people in the car, we were definitely doing our bit for our carbon footprint. It was like the ultimate car-share.

“We were trying to raise awareness for the festival. We hope it will be even more successful than last year.”

There is a mixture of professional signed performers and local bands performing on the main stage and in the 'Live Lounge' throughout the festival, from noon until 10.45pm. There will also be plenty of family entertainment on offer, including a funfair, slides, stalls, food vendors and a beer tent.

Entry to the music festival is £5 with under 15s getting in for free and every penny from tickets sales goes directly to the hospice.

A four-for-three deal on pre-event tickets is available on the website. Pre-event tickets can also be used to get child concessions on the Route 66 bus service all day.

Tickets are on sale now on the website - - and in shops.

For more information e-mail or call Debbie on 01473 622045.