Cars block yellow line installation in Pinewood during One parking row

A trial period of parking restrictions and waiting times in Pinewood around One will start next week

A trial period of parking restrictions and waiting times in Pinewood around One will start next week to try and stop students parking in residential streets. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

Plans to ban students from parking in some streets surrounding One sixth form have been delayed due to cars obstructing the work.

An 18-month trial period of waiting restrictions around the Pinewood area is due to start on September 17 as a result of a five-year row over the issue.

However, Suffolk highways workers have been blocked from painting the road lining in Cottingham Road due to individuals parking in the way.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said: “We are due to do the work shortly and have been prevented from doing so by parked vehicles along Cottingham Road.”

The experimental traffic order will apply to 13 residential roads – some parts of the roads will not allow cars to park at all, and others will restrict people from parking between 10am-2pm from Monday to Friday.

However, there have been doubts about how far the order will go in fixing the problem.

Richard Grimsey, of Goldcrest Road, who has been at the forefront of the debate since 2010, said: “When the students come back they will take every little space so the residents can’t park. This scheme hasn’t been put in for the residents, we want access only.”

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Robert Manning, chairman of Pinewood council, said the restrictions would alleviate some of the problem but wouldn’t help in the long run.

“I imagine it will cause students to park further out and cause problems for someone else,” he added. “It won’t cure the problem of there being no parking in the sixth form.”

A spokesman from One said students had been made aware of the parking changes that were occurring around the sixth form.

“We continue to emphasise local park and ride facilities as a travel option, and our student services team are on hand to support and advise our students with any issues they have in relation to parking,” the spokesman added.

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