Charity chief set for face to face meet

VOLUNTEERS from Felixstowe's under-threat Blue Cross centre are to voice their protests and concerns at a face-to-face meeting with the charity's chief.

By RICHARD CORNWELL Felixstowe editor>

FELIXSTOWE: Volunteers from Felixstowe's under-threat Blue Cross centre are to voice their protests and concerns at a face-to-face meeting with the charity's chief.

There has been a phenomenal response to the Evening Star's Save the Blue Cross campaign with thousands of people signing petition forms and coupons, with many also displaying posters in their businesses, homes and cars, and hundreds adding their voice in letters and on-line.

Anger and disappointment at the charity's proposals has been growing since they announced them at the end of last month.

Now its chief executive Kim Hamilton is to meet representatives of the 65 volunteers who give up thousands of man-hours every year to help the staff look after the pets at the animal welfare and adoption centre in Walton High Street.

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Ms Hamilton, along with Rachel Briggs, director of human resources, Karen Allsop, volunteer development manager, and Pauline Ivatt, volunteer co-ordinator, will meet six volunteers this week.

While the formal consultation process with staff is taking place, the charity also wants to “capture the views of the centre's volunteers”.

The meeting will be a chance for the volunteers to raise the views and concerns of centre volunteers.

Nicky Abbott, one of the volunteers who will be attending the meeting, said representatives would be keen to seek detailed answers on a number of issues.

“We are deeply concerned about the future of animals in this area because we believe other organisations will not be able to cope with the Blue Cross's workload,” she said.

“We also want to ask about their search for land in this area - what if a site could be found or an alternative plan drawn up?”

The charity, which wants to close Felixstowe to set up a new centre in the north-west because it claims this would help more pets, has promised to listen and take into account all views before it makes a final decision.

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