Charity Commission’s inquiry into Ipswich charity

Charity Commission inquires into Ipswich charity

Charity Commission inquires into Ipswich charity - Credit: PA

An Ipswich charity is the subject of a statutory inquiry over alleged misconduct in the way it is run.

The Charity Commission has placed the Ipswich Kurdish Islamic Cultural Centre, based at the junction of Norwich Road and Bramford Road, into “immediate monitoring to ensure compliance”.

The commission said its concerns following the opening of its investigation were so serious, given a previous inspection, it exercised its legal powers to direct the trustees to undertake specific actions and address other regulatory concerns.

These concerns included the late filing of statutory returns and a “sizeable section of the charity’s assets being loaned to two members of the local community”.

A spokesman for the commission said: “The inquiry was opened after a compliance visit and inspection to the charity in March 2015 identified that the trustees were unable to provide records to evidence all of the charity’s income and expenditure, and that the charity had inadequate financial controls.

“Following the compliance visit and inspection further monitoring took place and information was requested from the trustees.

“The trustees repeatedly failed to provide the information requested by the commission.

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“This lack of co-operation by the trustees is evidence of misconduct in the administration of the charity and the lack of evidence provided raised concerns about a possible breach of the trustees’ duty to comply with the charity’s governing document and the law.”

The inquiry is still ongoing and the Charity Commission has said it will publish a report detailing the issues when it is concluded.

It will also state what actions were undertaken as part of the inquiry and the outcomes.

The Charity Commission is the independent registrar and regulator of charities in England and Wales.

It acts of behalf of the public to ensure charities know what they have to do, the public know what charities have to do, and charities are held to account.

The Ipswich Kurdish Islamic Cultural Centre was contacted on two occasions to offer a right of reply to the Charity Commission’s points. However, it did not respond.

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