Checkout these musical stars!

IF you pop down to grab a few essential groceries at one Ipswich supermarket today be prepared to be serenaded as you pay.

IF you pop down to grab a few essential groceries at one Ipswich supermarket today be prepared to be serenaded as you pay.

At the Hadleigh Road branch of Sainsbury's a handful of check out staff are known to spontaneously burst out in song entertaining customers and other members of staff.

And now the 11 singing sensations, all in their 50's, are on their way to the big time, preparing to perform in front of their biggest audience yet.

After hearing their charity Christmas CD last year, the store manager impressed with the women's stunning voices recommended them for the annual manager's conference at the NEC in Birmingham, on September 8.

And it appears the message from Sainsbury's HQ is a big thumbs up too - now the choir will perform on stage with the directors in front of 4,000 people including top boss Justin King.

Carole Bailey, one of the singing checkout girls, said the whole choir were really excited about their performance.

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She said: “We are a bit nervous because we want to put on a good show. It is definitely our biggest audience yet, we usually sing in the shop in front of customers.

“We are all getting together once or twice a week to rehearse to make sure we are word perfect.

“Everyone is really behind us, we have got a few people coming up to support us and cheer us on. We are a happy bunch of people and we can't wait to get on stage.”

The choir will be singing Christmas songs, and as well as their headlining performance on stage at the conference they will be entertaining managers from stores across the country with several sets throughout the day at different locations at the NEC.

And the girls are being cheered on and encouraged by their team at the Hadleigh Road store.

Deputy store manager John Rastall said the whole team are “exceptionally proud” of the singing checkout girls.

He said: “They have done really well. There is a lovely light hearted atmosphere down on the shop floor, now and then they all get together for a sing along.”

Top ten songs for the checkout women:

Money (That's what I want) . . . The Beatles.

Shop around the Clock . . . Bill Haley and the Comets.

Lost in the Supermarket . . . The Clash.

Who will buy? . . . Lionel Bart (from the musical Oliver).

Shopping . . . The Pet Shop Boys.

The Trolley Song . . . Judy Garland.

Supermarket Trouper . . . Abba.

I Want it All . . . Queen.

Buy, Buy Miss American Pie . . . Don McClean.

The Price of Love . . . Bryan Ferry.