Can you give a home to Suffolk’s unluckiest dog?

Cody the poodle had hoped to be adopted on April 21, but sadly this fell through at the last minute.

Cody the poodle had hoped to be adopted on April 21, but sadly this fell through at the last minute. He is now searching for his forever home. - Credit: Emma Thresh

The search is back on to find Cody the poodle a forever home before his second birthday – after his adoption fell through on the day he was supposed to leave the RSPCA shelter for good. 

Abandoned as a puppy, Cody has now spent a year of his short life in shelters, more time than he has in any home. 

“He has had the worst luck,” said Sarah Welham, Kennel Supervisor at the RSPCA in Martlesham where Cody lives.  

“For this to happen on the day of his adoption, we were gutted. But it was through no fault of Cody’s.” 

The search is back on to find Cody his forever home. 

“When he gets to know you, he is very loving,” said Sarah. “He likes attention, he is a character.” 

Sarah said that Cody will make someone a good companion, but will need a specific kind of home. 

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“Due to his behavioural needs, Cody is quite sound-sensitive. He's got to be the only animal in the home, and it will need to be an adult only home as well."  

Cody is reactive to many things, for example, new people, dogs and vehicles. Cody can also react to sounds that are near or in the distance.  

Sarah says that the kind of home where Cody would flourish would be somewhere quiet, with people who won’t have a huge number of visitors coming in and out of their home, as Cody is easily frightened by new people and unusual noises. 

“We’re looking for experienced adopters who would enjoy continuing his ongoing reward-based training.” 

Although she and the team are disappointed that Cody did not find his forever home this week, Sarah said that seeing Cody bond with the people who hoped to adopt him has been an important learning experience. 

This means that they are now ready and prepared to help Cody get to know the lucky people who will one day get to call him theirs.  

A full behavioural report for Cody has been carried out, and the RSPCA are happy to talk this through with potential adopters to ensure that Cody finds a home where his needs can be met.