Commuter claims Travel Ipswich has made congestion worse not better

Mark Heath

Mark Heath - Credit: Archant

Sports editor Mark Heath says Travel Ipswich has made his journeys to and from work a misery as traffic continues to back up around the town centre on a daily basis.

Mr Heath said:

“I’ve commuted into Ipswich for the last 13 years – and I don’t think traffic has ever been as bad as it is now.

“I drive in down Wherstead Road – which is already jam-packed with about 10 sets of traffic lights – and it seems that almost every week my journey is befouled by some temporary roadworks and/or extra lights.

“There was one ridiculous situation just a couple of weeks back where there were TWO sets of temporary traffic lights on the same road.

“Total gridlock ensued and I’m sure all my fellow drivers were hit with the same sinking feeling as we realised we were again trapped in Ipswich’s traffic-mageddon.

“Whether it makes you late to work, or late home – or on some occasions both – such hold-ups have a real impact on your day, both mental and physical.

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“And for a town that is undeniably on the rise, Ipswich can’t afford to be constantly dragged down by such traffic nightmares.

“So please, someone – sort it out!”

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