Cops slam drunken attacks on officers

A STARTLING snapshot of the alcohol-fuelled problems plaguing police in Ipswich can be revealed today.

A STARTLING snapshot of the alcohol-fuelled problems plaguing police in Ipswich can be revealed today.

Over the past year 118 drunken revellers assaulted officers in the town or resisted arrest while out on the booze at night.

The news come just three weeks after police revealed they had banished a further 74 troublemakers from the town centre in just five months, because they were getting out of hand.

Now, according to figures from Suffolk Constabulary, 40 sozzled yobs were arrested for assaulting officers between 4pm and 4am during the last 12 months.

Forty-six more were taken into custody for obstructing or resisting officers.

Although there were 86 arrests, there were nearly 120 recorded offences against police during the same period.

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Finding alternative ways to keep Ipswich's nightlife in check is one of the top priorities for Suffolk Constabulary this year.

More and more resources are being soaked up by the town centre to look after the ever-growing number of revellers stretching over most evenings of the week.

Among the factors in this growth is the town's new university and soldiers based at Rock Barracks in Woodbridge.

However, concentrating on the centre of Ipswich dilutes resources that can be used to patrol neighbourhoods.

Senior officers are now looking at ways for pubs and clubs to take on some responsibility for ensuring people enjoy their nights out, without going over the top.

The number of assaults on police today led to one of Ipswich's top police officers issuing a stark warning to troublesome revellers.

Chief Inspector Mark Jepson said: “Our figures indicate that too many people are being arrested whilst under the influence of alcohol and probably in circumstances that were avoidable.

“The vast majority of assaults on police are minor but equally unacceptable.

“The clear message is that if you cannot control your behaviour whilst drunk, limit yourself to what you drink. That will always remain your responsibility

“We want people to come into town and enjoy themselves, but to be considerate to others.”