Couple's stormy marriage remembered

FORMER neighbours of Raymond and Wendy Singh have told how the couple were looking forward to a new start in Fiji.

FORMER neighbours of Raymond and Wendy Singh have told how the couple were looking forward to a new start in Fiji.

Colm Lynch and Christa Lockyer lived next door to the couple on Grove Lane in Ipswich.

Their two children were good friends with George, Wendy's teenage son from a previous marriage, and they enjoyed playing in the Singh's garden.

But despite describing Raymond Singh as being “very soft” and “gentle”, the couple said they knew of problems.

Ms Lockyer described the events of one particular night, thought to be when Raymond assaulted his wife several times, including hitting her on the head. He later pleaded guilty to two assaults.

“All we can remember is the little lad,” she said shortly after Wendy's death. “He was crying his eyes out and we could hear screaming. There was a knocking on our door but I didn't answer because I was here on my own. Wendy told me the next day that they had had a bit of hussle and bustle but she did not tell me the full story. Raymond was not there for quite a while after that.

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“Wendy just said that they had had a falling out. I heard from someone else that it was a bit more than a little bit of trouble and that he was in trouble for it.”

Mr Lynch said Wendy also showed signs that all was not well.

“To me she seemed to have things on her mind,” he said. “She used to sit out the back with a cigarette and was very quiet and looked like she was far away.”

Despite the problems in their relationship, the Singh's were looking forward to a fresh start in Fiji. They told their former neighbours that they had bought a resort in Fiji from which they hoped to make millions.

“They said that they bought a business over the internet, some old boy had sold it cheap and they were going to take it over,” said Mr Lynch.

“It was really sad when they left and they gave us a box of chocolates. Raymond had tears in his eyes and Wendy was crying.

“They seemed really fine and seemed to be getting along. They were really looking forward to going to Fiji. It was a new start for them.”

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