A man caught in Ipswich with 14 wraps of cocaine in a sock down his trousers has gone on trial accused of dealing the drugs.

Veli Rakepi, 28, has denied a charge of possessing cocaine with intent to supply, and told officers in police interview the drugs were his own, Ipswich Crown Court heard on Monday.

David Baird, prosecuting, said police stopped a silver Hyundai on February 8, and Rakepi was the driver and only person in the car.

The vehicle was searched and £445 in cash was discovered, Mr Baird said.

Police also noticed "a bulge" in Rakepi's trousers, and he did not provide an answer when he was asked what it was, the court heard.

Rakepi was taken to the police station and just before he was due to be taken into a room to be searched, he pointed to his crotch and said: "I found it in the park".

He then produced a sock from the front of his trousers, which was found to contain 14 smaller packages containing white powder.

When analysed, each individual package was discovered to contain cocaine weighing around 0.5g each.

Mr Baird told the court the street value of the drugs was estimated to be around £560.

Rakepi told officers: "It's for me", and a drugs test confirmed he had cocaine in his system.

Police made enquiries and found Rakepi had been staying at the Novotel in Ipswich and had checked in on February 2 - six days before his arrest.

Police searched the hotel and did not find any drugs or drug paraphernalia, Mr Baird said.

However, a fake Greek ID document and driving licence, in the name of Mihail Savvas but with Rakepi's pictures, was found.

The jury was told Rakepi, of no fixed address in Ipswich, has already pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing false identity documents.

In police interview, Rakepi read a pre-prepared statement to officers and denied dealing drugs, saying he had found the cocaine in the park.

He added the cash found was his own from working for several agencies.

The trial, which is expected to last two to three days, continues.