Convicted killer of Tavis Spencer-Aitkens posts to social media from prison

Callum Plaats received a concurrent sentence after attacking a prison guard Picture: FACEBOOK

Callum Plaats previously bragged that jail was 'light work' - Credit: Archant

One of the killers of Ipswich teenager Tavis Spencer-Aitkens - who previously bragged about his easy life in jail - appears to have posted to social media again while in prison. 

Callum Plaats was cleared of murder by convicted of manslaughter Picture: Suffolk Police

Callum Plaats was convicted alongside four others in the Tavis Spencer-Aitkens case - Credit: Archant

Callum Plaats, now 25, was jailed for 14 years for manslaughter in 2019 alongside four other gang members convicted of murdering the Ipswich 17-year-old. 

During their four-month trial at Ipswich Crown Court, a jury heard that Tavis was “hunted down like prey” and “butchered” to death after being stabbed 15 times and hit over the head with a bottle as he walked along Packard Avenue near his father’s home in June 2018. 

Plaats, who previously posted to Facebook, with the caption: "Five years left, light work", now appears to have been active on social media once again. 

Callum Plaats has posted to social media from prison

The Snapchat post - Credit: Snapchat

This time a picture of what appears to be a prison toilet with a caption appeared via the social media platform Snapchat. 

Killer Callum Plaats' Snapchat account

Callum Plaats' Snapchat account - Credit: Snapchat

Plaats, of no fixed address, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court in November last year to face a charge of assaulting a prison officer. 

He was moved to HMP Liverpool and scratched a prison officer in March 2020 during a row over coronavirus restrictions. 

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He was handed a six-month concurrent jail sentence for the assault. 

It is understood he is no longer at HMP Liverpool. 

Five people found guilty of killing Tavis Spencer-Aitkens: Kyreis Davies, Callum Plaats, Isaac Calve

Five people found guilty of killing Tavis Spencer-Aitkens: Kyreis Davies, Callum Plaats, Isaac Calver, Aristote Yenge, and Adebayo Amusa. - Credit: Archant

Alongside Plaats, Aristote Yenge, 23, of Spring Road, Ipswich, Adebayo Amusa, 20, of Sovereign Road, Barking, Kyreis Davies, 17, of Turnstile Square, Colchester, and Isaac Calver, 19, of Firmin Close, were sentenced to a total of 90 years for the murder of Tavis. 

Speaking following the sentence of the five gang members, Detective Chief Inspector Mike Brown, of the major investigation team, said: "Knife crime has become the great societal challenge of our time in this country and we have to educate children and young adults that knives have no place on our streets.

"I don’t want to see any more lives lost – and families suffer – as a result of these mindless acts of violence.” 

The Prison Service said it is spending an extra £100million on cutting-edge technology including X-ray scanners and metal detectors to clamp down on the drugs, weapons and mobile phones that increase the risk to our officers and hinder rehabilitation.

A spokesman said: “Anyone found with a mobile phone in prison is subject to additional punishments - including spending longer behind bars.”

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