Drunk driver who ended up on roundabout could face jail

Police remain at the scene of a crash between a Citroen C4 and a Peugeot 206 on the Dock Spur Rounda

The incident happened on the Dock Spur roundabout at Felixstowe - Credit: GOOGLE MAPS

A drunk driver could face jail after he ended up in the middle of a roundabout in Felixstowe while more than three times the alcohol limit. 

Magistrates heard how Viktors Sorocins, 59, was seen by a witness driving his BMW 320d on the A14 around 2.30pm on November 8 this year. 

Wayne Ablett, prosecuting, said the witness was driving on the A14 approach to the Dock Spur roundabout when she described a BMW "hurtling up" lane two beside her. 

The woman estimated the car was driving at around 80mph to 90mph, Mr Ablett told the court. 

She described the car as being "all over the show", coming over the dividing white lines before setting off at speed towards the Dock Spur roundabout. 

The BMW then took out a sign and came to rest in the middle of the roundabout with smoke coming out of the vehicle. 

Police were called and Sorocins was arrested. 

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Attending officers noticed a number of opened and unopened alcoholic drinks in the back of the vehicle, Mr Ablett said. 

While in custody, Sorocins blew 115 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35mcg in 100ml of breath. 

The court heard that Sorocins has two previous drink-driving convictions in 2010 and 2015 as well as a drunk in charge of a motor vehicle conviction in 2018. 

Appearing at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Thursday, Sorocins, of Waldringfield Road, Brightwell, near Ipswich, pleaded guilty to drink driving and having no insurance. 

Jeremy Kendall, defending, said Sorocins' mother had died in Latvia in October and he was not able to attend her funeral. 

Mr Kendall asked that sentencing be adjourned for an all-options report to take place. 

Magistrates agreed and ordered the all-options report from the Probation Service prior to Sorocins' sentence, which will take place at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on January 22 at 11am. 

Magistrates warned Sorocins that he "should not assume custody has been ruled out" even if the report does not recommend a prison sentence. 

Magistrates also made Sorocins the subject of an interim driving disqualification, banning him from getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle until he is sentenced.