Group from Kent and Essex defied rules to ride dirt bikes in Suffolk

Suffolk police handed out 259 fines for Covid-19 regulation breaches between March 27 and May 25 Pi

Suffolk police handed out 10 fines after a group arrived in Suffolk to ride dirt bikes - Credit: Archant

A group of off-road motorcyclists who came to Suffolk from Essex and Kent to ride motocross bikes were among the latest Covid rule breakers to be fined by police.

A total of 56 people were fined and 39 received warnings for breaching lockdown rules between last Friday and Sunday.

On Sunday, 10 fines were handed out after a group travelled from Essex and Kent to Suffolk to ride motocross bikes at a quarry near Waldringfield.

Suffolk police said fines would continue to be issued to those blatantly flouting the rules. 

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Jones said officers would continue dedicated Covid-19 patrols in the coming weeks, adding: "No exceptions to the rules can be made for weekends. Please show restraint, discipline and fortitude.  

"I accept the situation is difficult, but the FPN (fixed penalty notice) figures from last weekend do clearly demonstrate that we will take action if flouting of the rules takes place.

"This approach will continue and the message remains that we must all follow the rules."

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