'Good Samaritan' who drove drunk relative home was also over the limit

front of ipswich magistrates court

11 people were living in a three bedroom house in Dickens Road, Ipswich, the court heard - Credit: Gregg Brown

An Ipswich man who volunteered to give his drunk relative a lift home also turned out to be over the limit.

Valentin Radu, of Park Road, Ipswich, appeared at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Tuesday to admit driving with 44 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit being 35mcg.

The 24-year-old's Peugeot 207 was seen driving at speed along Norwich Road before pulling into a car park on Monday evening.

Prosecutor Mark Milkovics said police approached the car and breathalysed the driver, Radu, who had offered to drive an inebriated relative home.

Radu, a man of previous good character, told the court: "I was asked by a member of the family to drive him home because he'd had quite a lot to drink at that time.

"Initially, they thought they would call a taxi for him, but the family were concerned he was quite drunk, and didn't want him to cause any problems in the taxi.

"I must admit, I'd had a few glasses of champagne before driving. I didn't think I'd be over the limit, but I took the risk by driving.

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"I'm really sorry for what I've done."

Presiding magistrate Malcolm Hogarth told Radu: "We've taken into account your guilty plea and lack of previous criminal convictions.

"This offence was aggravated by the fact that you were carrying a passenger.

"We've heard you were being a good Samaritan by helping out a family member who was too drunk to drive home. In doing so, you took a risk, but we accept that you are genuinely remorseful."

Radu was fined £320 and banned from driving for 12 months.