Ipswich in shock after waterfront sexual assault

New-build homes in central Ipswich, including the Waterfront, will in future have limits on parking spaces

Ipswich in shock after sexual assault on the waterfront. - Credit: Paul Geater/Archant

A community has been left 'unnerved' and 'deeply disturbed' after a woman was sexually assaulted close to Ipswich Waterfront early on Sunday morning.

The attack happened at around 3.10am on Sunday in the courtyard of the Foundry apartment building, in College Street. 

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt. Picture: PARLIAMENT LIVE TV

MP for Ipswich Tom Hunt said "It is deeply concerning and unnerving that this has happened" - Credit: Archant

MP for Ipswich Tom Hunt said: "It is deeply concerning and unnerving that this has happened. The sad reality is that many of my constituents don't feel safe in Ipswich at certain times of the day. 

"We have a problem with this sort of incident in this town, and problems with drugs."

He added: "We have heard a lot in the media about violence to women and I want all of my constituents to feel safe all of the time.

"We need to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Mr Hunt expressed sympathy to the victim and said: "I'm very worried about the victim and keen that she gets all the support she needs.

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"This sort of occurrence is not infrequent, in the time while I've been MP there have been far too many incidents like this."

Organiser, Laura Polley, of Suffolks Reclaim The Streets event

Laura Polley, organizer of Suffolks Reclaim the Streets movement said: "Why does this man think its OK to chase a woman down the waterfront — there's absolutely no circumstances where that is OK." - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Laura Polley, one of the organisers of Suffolk's Reclaim the Street, said: "Why does this man think its OK to chase a woman down the waterfront — there's absolutely no circumstances where that is OK.

"We need to challenge the culture of males thinking this is acceptable."

Councillor John Cook, of the Alexandra ward, where the attack happened, said: "I'm deeply disturbed to learn of this sexual attack on a woman within our town.

"I strongly urge anyone with any information to immediately contact the police."

Anyone with information regarding this assault is asked to contact the police on 101.

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