Ex-prisoners turn to aggressive doorstep selling in Ipswich

'Nottingham Knockers' have been reported in areas of Suffolk over the last two weeks Picture: STEVE

'Nottingham knockers' are operating in Ipswich, Suffolk Trading Standards has warned

Ex-prisoners claiming to try and change their ways have turned to aggressive doorstep selling in Ipswich.

Suffolk Trading Standards warned that so-called "Nottingham knockers", who say they have just come out of jail or a youth offending scheme and are attempting to turn over a new leaf, have been calling a properties in the Westerfield Road and Valley Road area.

Nottingham knockers will then typically try to sell people everyday household products at very high prices.

However, many work in gangs across the country and are not involved in any officially recognised offender rehabilitation programmes.

Many also do not possess Pedlar’s Certificates issued by police, which are necessary for salespeople to be legally allowed to sell door-to-door.

Suffolk Trading Standards added: "Trading Standards always advise residents to refrain from buying at the doorstep."

People who are approached at the door are urged to refuse to buy items and then report the sellers to Suffolk Trading Standards by calling 03454 040506.

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Alternatively, call Suffolk police on 101.

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