Man who claimed he was victim of mistaken identity has robbery case dropped

Ipswich Crown Court

Case against alleged robber dropped at Ipswich Crown Court - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich man who claimed he was the victim of mistaken identity when he was accused of robbing a 77-year-old man has had the case against him dropped.

Before Ipswich Crown Court was Jason Fayers, 39, of London Road, who had denied robbery and inflicting grievous bodily harm on the alleged victim in May 2019.

Following his arrest Fayers claimed he was the victim of mistaken identity.

During his trial this week Nicola May, prosecuting, offered no evidence against him and he was cleared of both offences.

The court heard that the alleged victim was at his home in St John’s Road, Mildenhall, when a man entered through an unlocked door and told him: “Give me your money.”

When he said he didn’t have any money the intruder had become aggressive and brandished a meat cleaver, said Miss May.

He was carrying a screw top bottle which he said contained acid and he had asked the alleged victim: “Would you like to try acid?”

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“He feared he was going to throw acid in his face if he didn’t comply with his demands,” said Miss May.

The intruder had pushed the man to the floor and had allegedly kicked and stamped on him.

The alleged victim had suffered cuts from the meat cleaver and the intruder had left the house with £140.