Members of 'notorious' Ipswich gang jailed for 19 years

Ipswich gang members Arnoldas Miglinas and Wayne Scullion have been jailed

Ipswich gang members Arnoldas Miglinas and Wayne Scullion have been jailed for drug offences in the Maple Park area. - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Two members of a “notorious” drug dealing Ipswich gang who appeared in YouTube drill videos boasting about evading police and using weapons have been jailed for a total of 19 years.

Sentencing Wayne Scullion and Arnoldas Miglinas, Judge David Pugh said they were members of the J Block gang from the Jubilee Park area of west Ipswich and were involved in the organised “substantial” supply of class A drugs for just over a year.

He said that Scullion appeared right at the front of a drill video posted by the gang on YouTube in July last year and Miglinas also featured in the recording.

Scullion, 28, of Fore Street, Ipswich and Miglinas, 21, of Station Street both admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine and heroin between April last year and May this year.

Miglinas also admitted aggravated burglary, possessing a kitchen knife and two offences of criminal damage.

Scullion was jailed for seven and a half years and Miglinas was jailed for a total of eleven and a half years with an extended licence period of three years.

Oliver Haswell, prosecuting at Ipswich Crown Court described J Block as an organised gang involved in the supply of drugs and described Scullion as playing a leading role in the operation and Miglinas as a “trusted lieutenant”.

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He said Miglinas had been the holder of one of the gang’s drug lines dealing with the day to day running of the operation while Scullion had coordinated the operation and tried to remain in the background

The court heard that in March this year Miglinas had turned up drunk at the home of a vulnerable disabled man in Webb Street, Ipswich at around 2.30am.

The elderly man, who had mobility problems and used a walking stick and a mobility scooter, had fallen asleep in a chair and was awoken by banging at his front door.

When he opened the door “to his horror” he found Miglinas standing there with a kitchen knife with a six to eight inch blade, said Mr Haswell.

Miglinas held the knife at shoulder height and brought it down towards the victim’s chest while telling him: “I’m going to do you up.”

The man stumbled backwards and avoided serious injury and then managed to fend off further blows from Miglinas with his walking stick.

He then forced Miglinas out of the door and locked it behind him.

Once outside Miglinas had used the knife to strike the front door causing damage.

The victim of the attack suffered relatively minor injuries including bruising and a small cut to his wrist.

Stephen Rose for Miglinas said his client had been lured into joining the “notorious” J Block gang by the prospect of financial reward and the kudos of being associated with it.

He said Miglinas wasn’t addicted to Class A drugs and there had been no motive for the attack on the victim of the aggravated burglary who was a complete stranger.

Simon Gladwell for Scullion said his client intended to put his criminal past behind him when he was released from prison.

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