Owner of Miss Quirky Kicks fears shoplifters will force her out of business

Lawra Stubbs is regular getting thieves taking crystals and handmade jewellery from her stores Midnight Moon and Quirky Kicks

Lawra Stubbs is regularly getting thieves stealing crystals and handmade jewellery from her stores Midnight Moon and Quirky Kicks in Ipswich - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich shop owner who has been repeatedly targeted by thieves believes karma will strike those responsible.

In the last two months, Lawra Stubbs, owner of both Midnight Moon and Miss Quirky Kicks, has seen a surge in theft of crystals and handmade jewellery from her stores, prompting her to put up a sign to would-be thieves. 

It says: "If you are planning to steal from any of our stores, I would advise investing your time more wisely into employability or career opportunities so you can get a job then pay for our goods."

Ms Stubbs added: "I've put my time and effort in them and you're going to steal that. 

"Also crystals are not going to help if you steal them. 

The sign on Miss Quirk Kicks and Midnight Moon's stores

The sign on Miss Quirk Kicks and Midnight Moon's stores - Credit: Archant

"I'm quite spiritual, it's karma, what goes around comes around. If you are doing something bad, something bad will happen to you. 

"It makes you feel like rubbish, I've gone home and literally cried. 

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"It's a safe space for customers, and I love that but for them to steal, It makes you feel horrible, It's literally awful."

The matter has been reported to police, Suffolk Constabulary confirmed.

Ms Stubbs has also invested in CCTV but thinks the thieves just do not care.

When she does catch people, they "literally throw" the stolen goods back at her, she claims.

"Clearly they're not taught anything from their school," she said. "We've had a letter of apology from one person out of the hundreds from the previous two months.

"I don't get it. It's a nightmare, no matter what we try, it just seems to get worse.

"What's the point of running a business if everything gets stolen?"

She claims over the past two months she has lost around £6,000 of stock, and believes the culprits are usually young schoolgirls.

"They're literally wearing school uniforms and lanyards with their names on it. 

"If it continues I will go bankrupt, I literally cannot afford it. It's ridiculous."

Miss Quirk Kicks and Midnight Moon owner Lawra Stubbs

Miss Quirk Kicks and Midnight Moon owner Lawra Stubbs - Credit: Archant

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