Ipswich street blocked after reports of petrol smell

Saturn Road incident

Police and firefighters at the scene in Saturn Road - Credit: Contributed

Emergency services were called to a residential Ipswich street on Saturday night following reports of a smell of petrol from a property.

A road was entirely cordoned off for about an hour and residents instructed to stay indoors, according to reports.

Saturn Road incident

Saturn Road has been blocked off and residents told to stay indoors - Credit: Contributed

The incident is said have unfolded just after 8.15pm in Saturn Road, between Sproughton Road and Bramford Road.

A witness described seeing two fire engines and police cars at the scene, where a gas engineer was also said to be in attendance. 

They said access to Saturn Road had been blocked from Bramford Road and that residents had been told to stay indoors. 

The witness said firefighters had two hoses "pointed at a property" for some time before being reeled in.

The witness then described a "horrible" smell in the air.

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Firefighters from Ipswich East and Holbrook station were sent to the scene.

The fire service was seen leaving the scene at about 9.30pm. 

A spokesman for the fire service said crews were called to investigate the smell of petrol in a property.

Upon arrival, they found a small spillage of petrol and reported no casualties.

They said residents were asked to stay indoors as a precaution due to initial concerns about the gas supply.

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